Giuliana Rancic felt ''at ease'' when she witnessed the birth of her son.

The E! News anchor and her husband Bill Rancic welcomed their little boy, Edward Duke, into the world in August via a gestational surrogate and the couple were in the delivery room to see his arrival.

Although she was expecting to be nervous beforehand, Giuliana was surprised at how confident she felt and knew as soon as she saw the tot, she would be able to look after him.

In new home video footage from the birth - which will be shown in their reality show 'Giuliana & Bill' - the 37-year-old TV presenter said: ''It feels good. I'm not nervous at all. I feel like I can take care of him. I expected to be more nervous and more flustered, like I had no idea what to do. But I feel totally at ease. I just feel like I know what he needs.''

And Bill also seems totally confident in Giuliana's mothering abilities, telling her: ''Your instincts are kicking in.''

He then speaks of his joy about his son, saying: ''This kid is like, super chill, man.''

The tot, who goes by his middle name of Duke, was born via a surrogate mother, Delphine, who offered her help after his parents struggled to conceive.

The couple had first undergone several failed bouts of IVF, followed by Giuliana's subsequent diagnosis with breast cancer.

Their struggles to become parents formed the major plotline of the reality show.