Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's bodyguards are to appear in a Costa Rican court after allegedly firing shots at their wedding two years ago.

Alexander Rivas, Miguel Solis and Manuel Valverde - who worked as a private hire security team - will attend an "oral hearing" in Puntarenas on April 29 after photographers Yuri Cortez and Carlos Aviles pressed charges, accusing them of opening fire with guns.

Although no one was injured during the alleged incident on April 4, 2009, which took place while the couple reaffirmed their vows at the Brazilian supermodel's home, a rear window of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was shattered.

The two snappers' lawyer John P. Gleason said he was "glad" the group were facing charges because they were "stupid goons".

He stated: "The photographers were just doing their job, and it's terrible what they did to them. They were taking photos from a long distance away, not bothering anybody, when these stupid goons thought, 'Let's go roust them.' I'm glad they are being prosecuted."

According to a report from the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial - the body which has investigated the shooting - the paparazzi were on public property when the guards forced them onto private property and demanded their cameras and film.

When they refused to comply, one of the three fired their weapon.

Yuri said: "I put my foot on the accelerator and I heard the gunshot that shattered the rear window and broke the windshield. It very nearly hit me."

At the time, NFL player Tom Brady insisted the claims were untrue as none of the security had weapons.

He said: "It's absolute b.s. We found two guys on our property, and we told them to get out. Our security didn't even have guns. There were no shots fired. (sic)"