Gisele Bundchen wants women to be ''real and raw'' in photoshoots.

The 32-year-old supermodel - who recently made Forbes' list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women - insists photographers should stop retouching imperfections and instead allow women to have a more natural approach to modelling.

The Brazilian beauty has just starred BLK DNM's ad campaign and worked closely with the brand's creative director, Johan Lindeberg, who persuaded her to go make-up free, which the mother-of-two had nothing but praise for.

Speaking to Fashionista, she explained: ''I loved his approach because I feel like women should be real and raw and it doesn't really happen anymore [in fashion photographs]. I love that feeling of, you know, we are women and we are so different.

''Our imperfections are what makes us unique and beautiful. He gets that. He's not trying to retouch you or put a pretty light on you. He's not like, 'You've got to look a certain way.' He's like, 'You are you'.''

The entire shoot took two hours to complete and the full results will soon be unveiled to the public.