The Girls Aloud reunion is on, and it’ll be marked by a special performance on Strictly Come Dancing by the girls, reports The Mirror.

Three long years after their last live performance, and the Girls Aloud website creaks back to life, displaying a counter which, if everyone’s done their maths right, should see the comeback land on October 19, 2012, which has fuelled speculation that their much anticipated reunion will be marked with a performance on BBC dancing competition, Strictly Come Dancing. Nicola Roberts first let the gossip slip in August whilst speaking to This Morning. She said: "It's our 10th birthday in November so we will definitely celebrating." Adding: "I wanna tell you everything but I really can't!" Well that wasn’t exactly cryptic, was it, Nicola? Now an official Girls Aloud Twitter account, whose only tweet has been ‘TEN’, which has since been re-tweeted by all five band members, has all but confirmed the reunification of the popular girl group.

We don’t think many of you will argue when we say that Cheryl Cole has been the most prominent member of the group; the Newcastle born singer has enjoyed a solo career in the Girl Aloud hiatus, judging on The X-Factor, crashing cars with and writing a new book, Cheryl: My Story, which will be out this Thursday, October 11.