French supergroup the Gipsy Kings are suing guitar-playing duo MANOLO and LITO for the second time in a decade after learning they're still using their famous name to sell out shows.

The duo agreed to stop using the Gipsy Kings name in promoting their shows in the late 1990s, but now American attorneys working for the BAMBOLEO hitmakers have discovered Manolo and Lito are up to their old tricks.

Lawyer BRIAN KAPLIN tells American court show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "They have breached the agreement and have gone back out into the market place, playing more small venues."

In legal papers, the Gipsy Kings claim their reputation has been irreparably harmed the reputation of the group because their performance is "of inferior quality."

Manolo and Lito, a relative of a member of the Gipsy Kings, insist they're not trying to cash in on the group, but promoters like to try and sell them as the award-winning band.

09/12/2004 08:59