Eighties pop star Gioia Bruno is set to shock fans by revealing she's bisexual in an upcoming TV tell-all.

The EXPOSE star has agreed to 'come out' on US gay TV network Q Television's BRUNCH show.

The COME GO WITH ME singer, who quit Expose in 1992 due to health reasons, has been a staple at Gay Pride rallies and gay clubs for years - and now she reveals she has personal reasons for being there.

During the show, which airs tomorrow (20JAN06), the sexy singer says, "I never wanted to put a label on myself but, yes, I have dated women. It's about the person and what's in their soul.

"Right now, I am dating a man, but, hey, I can still look at the girls. I think everybody's got a little queer in them."

Scott Withers, Q TV vice-president and Brunch co-host, admits he was thrilled when Bruno decided to reveal all about her gay life on his show.

He explains, "Gioia has long been a huge supporter of the gay and lesbian community. It is a great honour to have a celebrity of Gioia's calibre feel comfortable enough on our network to 'come out' and talk about this personal topic with us."