Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has turned her back on veganism for health reasons.
The Walk The Line star was a committed non-meat and dairy girl for years - but a recent illness made her realise she'd have to relax her dietary rules.
She explains, "I'm not a vegan anymore... I'm always learning and growing and changing and there were some boring health issues... and so I did actually have to work some animal products back into my diet."
But she's still serious about protecting animals and insists on buying produce from cruelty-free farms.
Goodwin adds, "The first thing I ate was an egg that I found from a humane farm... and I scrambled it up. It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. I felt like a hypocrite and I cried and then I scrambled up another one."
Ironically, Goodwin's meat and dairy-free lifestyle turned many members of her family vegan - and they're sticking to their diets.
Appearing on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (11May11), she said, "I go home and say, 'Are you serious? Let's get some cheese in this house.'"