Ginnifer Goodwin has revealed to The Wall Street Journal that she fears restricting herself to one type of role. Ginnifer Goodwin is currently starring in the romantic-comedy 'Something Borrowed' with fellow co-star Kate Hudson.
Talking in an interview, Goodwin revealed her fears about being stuck within the genre. After being asked if she now inherits the role of 'romcom queen', she stated: 'I hope not. I have no interest in trapping myself in any one genre. I think I'd go crazy. I need to play more diverse characters with more conflict.' However simultaneously, when pressed about the success of her new endeavour, she confirmed that a sequel for 'Something Borrowed' is already in the pipelines: 'We were as true to as "Something Borrowed" as we could be, and we'll be as true to 'Something Blue'. We all are signed up. We'll make a sequel if this makes enough money at the box office.' Goodwin plays the lead role of Rachel, a lawyer who realizes she's been in love with her best friend's fiancé since law school.
Ginnifer Goodwin is set to appear in a new ABC pilot this autumn titled 'Once Upon a Time', playing the role of Snow White.