Gillian Anderson says her career suffered after she moved to England.

The 45-year-old actress admits she was offered less film roles when she went to live in London in 2002, but is glad she decided to stay there to raise her sons, Oscar, seven, and Felix, five, with ex-boyfriend Mark Griffiths.

She told the UK's The Telegraph newspaper: ''I am so devoted to this city and my little ones are British. I can't imagine being anywhere else so I work with that.''

The 'The Fall' star, who also has a 20-year-old daughter Piper from her first marriage to Clyde Klotz, insists she is satisfied with her career, but still hopes to pursue more roles on the big screen as her sons get older.

She said: ''With 'The Fall' and 'Streetcar' I feel that if I died in September then I could look down from up there feeling I had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.

''But on the other hand, I don't feel like I have even begun. That is mostly because I just love film. I love the medium and there are so many directors I haven't worked with and experiences that I have not had.''

The former 'The X-Files' star is co-writing a sci-fi novel with Jeff Rovin, which she hopes to turn into a film and play the lead, but admits she worries about getting older in Hollywood.

She said: ''I have been putting my responsibilities as a mother first and as my children get older at some point I can pursue it in a different way than I have been, probably when nobody wants to hire me because... I will be 50. So then nobody will want to make my novel unless the lead is actually 33 and they'll hire a 12-year-old to play her.''