Former X FILES star Gillian Anderson has been accused of drunkenly verbally attacking a fellow passenger on a flight from Sri Lanka to England.

Anderson repeatedly berated the man - who was travelling with his wife and son - for not looking after his child, according to another passenger.

The 37-year-old had drunk at least six glasses of red wine when the incident took place, according to witness Simon Jones, despite her claims she has been teetotal since she was 21.

Jones says, "The man was watching a movie and had his headphones on, minding his own business.

"Gillian reached over, pulled them off his head.

"I could tell she was drunk because she was putting her face right up to his.

"She was slurring as well, saying, 'Don't you think your wife needs a break?' and accusing him of taking his wife for granted. He was saying, 'Please leave me alone.'"

Flight attendants then moved Anderson to another seat, where Jones claims she covered herself with a blanket and cried for over an hour.

Jones adds, "I didn't realise who she was to start with.

"If she was a normal passenger she would have had a warning from the captain and crew. As it was, they continued to serve her wine."

But the London manager of Sri Lankan Airlines KRISHAN PERERA, insists, "There has not been any complaint from passengers. For us it is of no significance whatsoever that she is a famous actress."