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10th July 2015

Tweet: "RIP Buddy. Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end it simply means, until we meet again!" Actor Gilles Marini pays tribute to his designer friend and fellow Frenchman CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER, who died on Thursday (09Jul15).

27th February 2014

Quote: "In 1996, a friend of mine bought an album called All Eyez on Me by Tupac Shakur. I love Tupac and I learned a lot of English through rap music and hip-hop." French actor Gilles Marini learned English by listening to rap music.

13th June 2013

Fact: French actor Gilles Marini fought back tears during an appearance on U.S. chat show The Talk on Wednesday (12Jun13) when his son, Georges, presented dad with a photo frame featuring a picture of the boy and his sister Juliana, and another of the Sex and the City: The Movie star and his father. The surprise presentation was an early gift for Father's Day on Sunday (16Jun13).

8th April 2013

Tweet: "I got hacked! Someone is deleting 10's of thousand (sic) of my followers! I'm truly sorry! Will try to fix this asap!" Actor Gilles Marini is the latest victim of pranksters.

13th March 2013

Tweet: "Cardinal Bergoglio is the first Pope from outside Europe! Congrats! A lot of Catholic lives in South America so I think it's a good call! It's historical!" Actor Gilles Marini celebrates the appointment of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who was named the new leader of the Catholic Church on Wednesday (13Mar13).

23rd August 2012

Tweet: "Congrats to my wife @Carolemarini for becoming American today Sorry I could not be there with u my love! We did it!" French actor Gilles Marini celebrates his wife's naturalisation. The Sex and the City: The Movie star officially became a U.S. citizen in June (12).

5th July 2012

Quote: "(It was) such an emotional thing. I wasn't expecting it. I cried about becoming an American. It's inexplicable the love I have for this country. I'm on cloud nine and I can't get down." Actor Gilles Marini was overcome with emotion as he became a U.S. citizen last week (27Jun12).

4th July 2012

Tweet: "Happy 4th of July 'My Fellow Americans' Yes I can say that for the first time and I am so filled with happiness and pride! Let's celebrate !" Actor Gilles Marini marks his first Independence Day after obtaining American citizenship last month (Jun12).

5th August 2011

Tweet: "Obama is 50?!?!?? Man, he looks great. I'm calling the white house and asking what kind of vitamins he takes! Happy B-day mister President!" Actor Gilles Marini is impressed with U.S. President Barack Obama's youthful looks.

17th November 2010

Quote: "The first time we did an audition in Los Angeles with shirt off (sic)... Then I flew to New York to meet director Michael Patrick King and I ended up having just a jockstrap and making love to a chair." French hunk Gilles Marini on how he landed the role of Dante in Sex & The City: The Movie.

9th July 2010

Quote: "She's bilingual. When I want to be very, very strict with her, I talk to her in French!" Sex And The City movie actor Gilles Marini scolds his young daughter Juliana in his native language.

21st June 2010

Quote: "Those two definitely belong to each other. I'm so happy for them." Calista Flockhart's BROTHERS & SISTERS co-star Gilles Marini is overjoyed for the newly-married actress, who wed longtime boyfriend Harrison Ford last week (ends18Jun10).

6th January 2010

Quote: "My character is a strange, dark guy, a paedophile. I think people will say, 'Oh, there's the man from Sex And The City, what a nice guy. Oh s**t, what's he doing?'" Hunky actor Gilles Marini on his role in TV drama NIP/TUCK.

19th November 2009

Quote: "As we speak right now, she’s putting in hardwood floors... She changed the carburetor in my motorcycle the other day too. I believe she’s the most perfect woman ever." SEX & The City: THE MOVIE star Gilles Marini on his wife of 11 years, Carole.

3rd October 2009

Fact: SEX & The City: THE MOVIE hunk Gilles Marini has bought his wife her dream house as a 32nd birthday gift.

24th September 2009

Quote: "He's the sweetest person. (We're) completely in love with him. We are all fighting over him!" Veteran actress Sally Field admits her new BROTHERS & SISTERS co-star Gilles Marini is a big hit with the cast and crew of the hit TV drama.

3rd March 2009

Quote: "I keep saying after we dance, a lot of new babies are going to happen." SEX & The City: THE MOVIE star Gilles Marini hopes to steam up the small screen when he dances with Cheryl Burke on Dancing With The Stars.

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