Former GUNS N' ROSES star Gilby Clarke is frustrated by Los Angeles police attempts to catch the guy who knocked him off his motorbike and sped away - after he identified the motorist.
The rocker was left with smashed and shattered bones in his legs and other injuries following the hit-and-run incident in January (10) and he recently launched his own bid to track down the perpetrator, who forced the guitarist to take a career break as he recovered.
Clarke, who now walks with the aid of a cane, tells friends have helped him identify the guy behind the wheel of the truck that knocked him from his bike - but police are powerless to do anything because there were no witnesses to the accident.
The rocker says, "No one got a license plate number and there were a number of different descriptions of the truck and not a lot of evidence. But somehow, one of my friends overheard a guy talking about how he hit a motorcycle and said that he took off since he had no insurance, no driver's license.
"I gave the info to a detective, but he didn't do anything. Since there were no eyewitnesses, there was nothing they could do. The LAPD won't do anything unless you die. It was extremely frustrating."
Clarke admits the accident and the injuries he sustained have stopped him from working and earning a living.
He adds, "I earn my living as a musician and producer and that is how I pay bills. It (accident) knocked me down for six months. I couldn't work 'til now, and I get around with a cane, so it has been tough. Musicians don't have a regular pay cheque; we have to go out and get it.
"It has been a hard two years for me and for the rest of the country, but, with this on top on of it... it was hard."