One of Gil Scott-Heron's daughters has filed legal papers in a New York court to have her half-brother removed as the administrator of the jazz great's estate amid allegations they are not actually related.

Raquiyah Kelly-Heron is convinced Rumal Rackley "defrauded" the iconic musician in his later years into believing that the 36 year old was his biological son, even though a Dna test taken in 2011 reportedly proves they do not share a common lineage.

She recently asked a judge at Manhattan Surrogate's Court to remove Rackley from Scott-Heron's estate based on the test results.

Rackley has hit back at the accusations in his own legal documents, in which his mother, Lurma, claims he was conceived following a two-year affair with the famed poet and activist in the 1970s.

Lurma states that she intentionally kept Scott-Heron's name off her child's birth certificate because she was determined to raise the boy as a single parent, without any help from her lover, but Rackley alleges that the late star often "introduced me from the stage as his son" and points out that the singer's 1994 album, Spirits, included a dedication to "my son Rumal".

A hearing into the case has been set for later this month (Aug13).

It's the latest legal battle involving Scott-Heron's family since his death in 2011, when he passed away without leaving a will.

Rackley, as estate administrator, previously accused his half-sister Gia Heron and her mother, the musician's first wife Brenda Sykes, of illegally helping themselves to $250,000 (£160,670) of the star's cash. They settled the dispute for an undisclosed sum earlier this year (13), reports the New York Daily News.