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Holy Hollywood! Ben Affleck Is New Batman

The Daily Show Batman Superman Gigli

Working on The Daily Show must undoubtedly be one of the happiest jobs on earth. Even the extra-curricular tweets of the show's writers are often hilarious. Take the reaction of headwriter Tim Carvell to the news that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Batman vs Superman (the unofficial title): Spend ten years working your way back into everyone's good graces. Win an Oscar. Then you get cast as Batman, and BAM! You're Gigli again. In fact, Carvell's reaction was typical of hundreds of less funny comments that hit the Web on Thursday following word of Affleck's casting, many of them referring to his less-than-inspiring performance as another superhero, Daredevil. One person tweeted the New York Post: Wow, Ben Affleck sure was great in Daredevil. I hope he gets to play ANOTHER superhero!! -- Things no one has ever said. Headlined Britain's Guardian: Ben Affleck Is Batman: Twitter Has a Dark Night.

Al Pacino Signs Up For Stand Up Guys

Al Pacino Alan Arkin Ben Affleck Christopher Walken Fisher Stevens Gigli The Script

Al Pacino has signed up for 'Stand Up Guys'.

The 71-year-old star has joined the cast of the action comedy - which was previously titled 'Old Timers' - along with Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken.

The movie follows two ageing criminals the night before one of them has to kill his friend. They decide to have one last night of debauchery, with their evening spent visiting a brothel, chasing cars and evading a police chase, while also taking the time to reflect on their lives.

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Jennifer Lopez: 'I'm A Great Actress'

Jennifer Lopez Gigli Jersey Girl Luther Vandross Maid In Manhattan Vanity Fair Whitney Houston

Jennifer Lopez things she is a "really great actress".

The 'Maid In Manhattan' star - who has appeared in critically panned movies 'Gigli' and 'Jersey Girl' - believes she is great in front of a camera and confident in her abilities as a performer.

She said: "I think I'm a really great performer. I think I'm a really great actress. I feel confident in those things - that's a better way to say it."

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Movie Reviews The Town

The New York Times Chicago Dallas Gigli Michael Phillips

A few critics aren't especially enthusiastic about Ben Affleck's The Town , which he directed, starred in, and co-wrote. To A.O. Scott of The New York Times , it's just a "solid minor entry in the annals of Boston crime drama." Ty Burr in the Boston Globe calls it "a pretty decent crime drama" And Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune says that it's "worth seeing for its actors." But most of them -- even those who have often criticized his performances in recent films -- are freely handing out props to Affleck. Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times writes that the movie "solidifies Affleck's reputation as an actor with a genuine gift for directing." Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post credits him for turning out "a first-class genre entry stacked with dandy performances and some crackerjack action to boot." Lou Lumenick in the New York Post writes that Affleck "delivers the goods as an actor and director" and with this film "finally erases all memory of the smirking actor who used to coast through so many movies." Claudia Puig in USA Today poses this reminder "Just think Gigli came out in 2003. Since then, his resilience and commitment to overcoming missteps is impressive." Similarly Chris Vognar concludes in the Dallas Morning News that with The Town, Affleck "forges ahead with one of the best Hollywood second-act stories in recent memory."

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Ben Affleck Wouldn't Work With Wife

Ben Affleck Blake Lively Gigli Jennifer Garner Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck would never work with Jennifer Garner.

The 38-year-old actor - who starred alongside former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in the critically-panned movie 'Gigli' in 2003 - admits he would not want to work with his wife on a film project because it "distracts" from the storyline.

He said: "Jen is a great actress. I would be profoundly lucky to work with her. But something tells me that people don't want to see real-life couples together at the movies.

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Affleck Not Looking To Work With Garner

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Gigli

Ben Affleck doubts he will ever work with his actress wife Jennifer Garner on screen - because he's still haunted by the box office failure that was Gigli.

The Daredevil star filmed the romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez, who he began dating after meeting her on set in 2002.

The movie was released a year later (03), but the media circus that surrounded their whirlwind romance and subsequent engagement did nothing to boost Gigli's profile and the film was savaged by critics.

Affleck and Lopez split in 2004, shortly before they were due to wed - but the movie experience was so bad, it has put the actor/director off the idea of teaming up on the big screen with Garner, his wife of five years.

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Roth Enjoys Sweet Revenge On Meet Joe Black Director

Eli Roth Meet Joe Black Martin Brest Gigli

Eli Roth refuses to hold a grudge against Meet Joe Black director Martin Brest for firing him as a stand-in when he was a struggling actor, because he's now more successful than the Gigli filmmaker.

The Inglourious Basterds star made extra money filling in for big names in between takes - but when Brest caught Roth awkwardly walking across the set of Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black, he immediately fired the budding actor/filmmaker.

Roth insists he was simply following instructions.

He explains, "Production people, they said, 'He's a little bit shorter than the actor.' So they're like, 'Can you make yourself taller?' It was a walking shot so they're like, 'Can you walk?' So I did this like this Velociraptor (bouncing walk).

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Lopez's Man Makes Cameo In Shall We Dance?

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony Shall We Dance Cris Judd Gigli Ben Affleck Jersey Girl Susan Sarandon Richard Gere

Jennifer Lopez is sharing screen time with the main man in her life once again, after securing a small role for her husband Marc Anthony in the movie Shall We Dance?.

Lopez, who became Anthony's wife in a shock ceremony in June (04), has appeared with ex-boyfriend SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS in the video to his track ALL AROUND THE WORLD and teamed up with ex-husband Cris Judd in the clip for her chart-topping hit LOVE DON'T COST A THING.

But, most notably, Lopez appeared in 2003's critical and box office flop Gigli alongside former fiance Ben Affleck, who was also her Jersey Girl co-star.

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Affleck Handed Razzie On Live Tv

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Gigli Larry King Pearl Harbor

LATEST: Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck was finally handed his GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARD on live TV last night (16MAR04) - but quickly handed it over to LARRY KING instead of keeping it for himself.

The movie star and his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez's flop film Gigli made RAZZIE history last month (FEB04) when it picked up

all six major awards - including worst actor for Affleck.

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Kevin Smith: Gigli Flop Means Jersey Girl Won't Make Number One

Kevin Smith Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Gigli Liv Tyler

Movie maker Kevin Smith has given up hope of hitting the number one spot with his new movie JERSEY GIRL - because Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have given the project the kiss of death.

The CLERKS director thought he'd landed movie gold when the then-couple agreed to appear together in his romantic comedy, but the huge failure of their last joint screen outing Gigli made him realise people don't want to see the pair together.

Smith, a longtime friend of Affleck's, thought they made a great couple in real life, but admits he can only hope that Jersey Girl isn't a flop at the box office.

Continue reading: Kevin Smith: Gigli Flop Means Jersey Girl Won't Make Number One


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