Gigi Hadid practices her make-up on her younger sister.

The 19-year-old model has admitted she regularly helps her younger sister Bella with her make-up despite believing her sister is ''so stunning'' without any product.

She said: ''It's really cute, because whenever she wants make-up, I always do it for her. I do make-up on her, or I'll teach her little things that I do.''

When asked who the bigger beauty fan was, she added: ''Definitely me. I personally think my sister is so stunning without make-up.

''And she doesn't wear that much make-up because she has the best skin colour.''

Despite her love of foundations and powders, the model prefers the more natural look.

She added to ''But I feel like, for most events, if I'm going as a high-fashion model, I usually just like doing a clean face.

''But I feel like even with a clean face, you still have to kind of contour - so it's kind of like the no-makeup look. I really love the nude palette from Maybelline for that because there are really good matte nude colours that you use to shadow your eyes and make it look like.''