Gigi Hadid has seriously angered a professional photographer after posting an image of herself that he took on social media without permission - and failing to credit it him for the shot. Apparently, the post garnered more than a million views, so it's no wonder he's slapping her with a lawsuit.

Gigi Hadid snapped walking to her apartmentGigi Hadid snapped walking to her apartment

The picture in question was a back shot of the 22-year-old model with her hair in rollers and wearing a customised Adidas jacket that had the 'as' scribbled out and an 'h' added to read 'hadid'. It was apparently shot in July 2016 in New York by photographer Peter Cepeda, who decided to sue her and her modelling agency IMG Worldwide this week for copyright infringement for posting it on Instagram.

According to The Wrap, the lawsuit filed on Tuesday (September 5th 2017) claims that Peter took the photo 'using great technical skill and timing', and Gigi or IMG uploaded the shot to her Instagram account after he permitted two news outlets to use the shot. The photo got 1.2 million likes and was simply captioned 'work flow #hadid' without any mention of the photographer.

'As a result of Hadid's Post, numerous prominent, commercial, online publications copied and posted the Copyrighted Photograph, crediting Hadid or Instagram', the suit claims. Plus, Peter has tried to demand the model take down the photo, which was also posted on her Twitter account, to no avail.

As well as asking for unspecified damages, Peter also wants the courts to ban her from using any of his photos in the future. It also states that she actually cropped out his watermark on the image.

She's really not in favour at the moment. Only recently did she receive backlash from her Chinese fans after a video from her birthday party was posted showing her squinting her eyes in apparent imitation of the Buddha shaped cookie she was holding.

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'It hurts me to hurt anyone, and I want you all to know that it was never my intent to offend anyone through my actions and I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt or felt let down by me', she said in a public apology. 'I have the utmost respect and love for the people of China and cherish the incredible memories I have made while visiting in the past. I have learned to be very careful of how my actions can come off or be portrayed, and I'm hopeful you'll accept my apology.'