Review of This Isn't It Single by Giant Drag

Giant Drag
This Isn'
t It
Single Review

Giant Drag This Isn't It Single

Rifts, feedback, drums and general noise is the new sound of Giant Drag who are a two-piece band from LA. Nothing like The White Stripes, before you even ask! The sounds of American Indie is really starting to come through with avengence and some of these bands have actually got what it takes.

So then 'This Isn't It' is the new single to come from Giant Drag and with Annie's vocals it do bring somewhat of an innocence and mystery to the whole song. A new sound that has such dark side to it, but at the same time is so refreshing to hear something new and different like this.

Giant Drag are certainly a good prospect for the future and I will be looking out to see if they will be gracing the UK with some live performances. Oh, and yes like every other band they are on Myspace, and have a sense of humour.

Mark Moore