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Giant Drag
Hearts and Unicorns
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Giant Drag Hearts and Unicorns Album

A completely unheard of band to myself but looking at the song listing and noticing the first track called Kevin is Gay made me sit up and take notice, not just because I can slag off my mate Kevin, but because any song with a title like that is certainly intriguing. The band are a duet, fronted by female vocalist referred to only as Annie on their website and originate from Orange County in the good ole U. S of A. Admittedly I was somewhat anxious of what I might hear, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. This is grunge the way it used to be, a cross between Hole, Smashing Pumpkins and Alanis Morrisette but not quite as scary. Opening track Kevin is Gay is fantastic and a great first track. Other tracks include You're full of S***, Everything's Worse and This isn't it (perhaps a dig at the strokes??). Best tracks on the album are without a doubt the catchy Kevin is Gay, the Hole influenced Pretty Little neighbour and the melancholy Smashing. Bonus track is the classic Chris Isaac's Wicked Game, a great cover version, not an oddball cover as one might expect, its not as slow sounding or sexy as the original, but it easily sounds as if it could be a Giant Drag original. This band could be on to big things, and could may well give Jack and Meg some completion in the duet field, although a different sound from the white stripes, this is a strong female focused sound, and they succeed at it. Giant Drag could easily continue on what Hole started. A must for all Hole and Smashing Pumpkins fans.

7 out of 10.

joanne nugent

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