Review of Somersaults Album by Ghostlight

If Ghostlight were half as good as they seem to think they are, Somersaults would be an amazing album. Unfortunately, this lacklustre showing cracks under the weight of its own pretentions and pompousness.

Ghostlight Somersaults Album

The songs are OK. 6 Years Later is very middle of the road indie rock, building to a predictable crescendo before collapsing back into a piano refrain. Morning Lights builds from a Piano introduction into a big 'epic' conclusion. The songs all seem to blur into each other - it is difficult to tell one song from the last. It is almost like Snow Patrol or Coldplay by numbers; the problem being of course, that Snow Patrol and Coldplay already exist and have perfected what they are doing. Is there really any place in music for a carbon copy?

Fingerprints - the albums highlight - tries to give a kick to proceedings, but it is all too little too late. Despite the jagged and distorted verses, the chorus breaks into the familiar formula from 6 Years Later and Morning Lights: the slow indie rock chorus. It is a shame that this song shows some promise that the band never fully realise and let break loose.

The main problem with Somersaults is that this is a well-trodden formula which has been done to death in recent years. It doesn't seem to offer anything new or interesting and so sadly gets lost amongst the sea of other unremarkable indie albums that somehow seem to have saturated the market.

Ben Walton

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