Gerard Depardieu was detained by police after driving his scooter while drunk.

The 'Green Card' actor - who fell off the scooter in Paris on Thursday (29.11.12) and injured his elbow - was questioned by law enforcement officers in the French capital after the accident which was reportedly occurred because he was intoxicated at the time.

No one else was involved in the incident with the 63-year-old actor.

Last year Gerard shocked fellow passengers on a flight when he insisted on relieving himself in his seat when he was denied permission to use the on-board toilet while the plane was getting ready to take off.

He explained: ''I say, 'Madame, I have to pee. I'm not sick, I'm not a terrorist. I just want to pee.'

Explaining how he used a bottle instead, he added: ''Ah, it was so beautiful.

''I'm not a monster, I'm just a man who has to pee. Maybe the flight attendant was having a nervous breakdown, I don't understand why she blocked the door. I say, 'Don't worry, I will clean it after!'''

Gerard admitted he bottle overflowed, jokingly calling himself an ''elephant''.

He told said: ''The bottle was much too small. I am an elephant!''