Remember when Gerard Depardieu relieved himself on a crowded airplane? On that occasion, the French actor escaped serious punishment, though he might not be so lucky this time around. While riding on his scooter this week, the hot-headed Parisian was involved in a collision with a motorist's car in the sixth arrondissement.
You may be thinking, "A traffic accident, not too serious?", and you'd be correct, except for one thing: the driver of the car claims Depardieu punched him square in the face. The motorist filed a complaint at the prosecutor's office on Thursday (August 16, 2012), according to the UK's Guardian newspaper. The star - known for his Oscar-nominated turn in Cyrano de Bergerac, and more recently for 'Green Card' - is yet to comment on the incident. He made headlines last year after urinating in the aisle of an airplane bound for Paris. At the time, his co-star and friend Edouard Baer told Europe 1 Radio, "He couldn't wait, so I found this solution.I had a little Evian bottle with me, only it was too small so it overflowed. He wanted to clear it up, but the hostess wouldn't let him". The pair later made light of Gerard Depardieu's plane incident by filming a spoof video.
The actor's once faltering career appears to have taken an upward turn in recent years. After solid performances in 'Mammuth' and 'Potiche', the clearly talented Depardieu will next appear in Ang Lee's highly anticipated adaptation of Yann Martel's novel 'Life of Pi'. The actor plays a mysterious character called Frenchman, who is thought to be the alter-ego of a hyena.