Fans of Gerard Butler's new movie Olympus Has Fallen will never be able to visit the action film's mock White House set in Louisiana because it was torn down once filming had wrapped.

Director Antoine Fuqua had a White House replica built in Shreveport for his film and Butler admits he can't believe how realistic it looks in the movie because it was little more than a shell of a building with no roof.

He says, "It was almost the same size but we didn't finish it; we only maybe went one bedroom in so we (could have) the insides... (and) do some of the action in there.

"Shreveport (residents) said, 'Hey, we have a White House,' and then we systematically destroyed it... They were very disappointed. They were like, 'Really? We thought you were gonna finish it!' It never (even) had a roof... It's gone now."