Scottish actor Gerard Butler's last-minute plan to spend his birthday in India was wrecked after he failed to leave enough time to obtain a visa.

The 300 star was in Dubai on Wednesday (14Nov12) for a store opening in his role as the face of Swiss watch brand Roger Dubuis when he decided to take an impromptu trip to nearby India.

Butler, who celebrated his 43rd birthday the day before (13Nov12), headed to the Indian embassy in Dubai for a travel permit but had to abandon his plan when he was told the documents would not be available for a week.

He tells, "I am very disorganised. So at the last minute here in Dubai, I decided I wanted to go to India for my birthday. But I went to the embassy here today (Wednesday). They were excited to see me, but they said 'No' and that it would take seven days. So this year, I will go to Scotland and spend time with my family."