Gerard Butler was left blushing at his sister's wedding after accidentally flashing his manhood while wearing a traditional Scottish kilt.
The 300 star performed a reading at his sibling's marriage ceremony and he accidentally diverted the attention away from the bride by revealing all.
He tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I wore a kilt in my sister's wedding in Paisley, Scotland and I had to go up and do a reading and my mother and family were in the front row.
"As you know in Scotland there's a certain rule to wear a kilt so I'm sitting like this (legs open) and everyone's leaning forward and my mum's looking at me and she's doing this (puts hands together) and I think she's telling me to pray... and then I realise everyone is staring right (at my crotch). So I (cross my legs)... It's always a disaster."