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Oliver Stone who? This guy is a throw back from the drug era of the sixties. Washed up at best. I long for the day when a major earth quake eliminates California and all the slimy scumbags who dwell there. Celebrities some how think they have a say in American politics, outside of voting I think they should have none. These people are so far detached from reality its sickening. How dare they tell the rest of us how to think and vote. Most of these people are nothing more than drunks, druggies, liars, and whores. I could care less what these pieces of crap think about anything. The sad thing is most of the drones in this nation follow these losers and hang on their every word. Most Americans can tell you more about what drug Brittany Spears is on than they can tell you about our Constitution or about the leftist slobs running this country. WAKE UP! Forget about these Godless heathens. Educate yourself. Goldie Hawn, Ben Affleck, Nick Cage and all the others, may you all contract a burning disease and lose every penny you have ever made to some horrible addiction. As far as Oliver Stone.. I hope his plane crashes over some hostile region of the middle east and he is tortured to death. Hollywood, may you rot in the pit you have created!

Posted 7 years 2 months ago by antihollywood

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