George Michael has surprised doctors with his swift recovery.

The 'Faith' hitmaker - who came close to death last year after battling the life-threatening illness pneumonia - was told by medics he is doing better than expected and George is so excited he has started writing songs again while on vacation with boyfriend Fadi Fawaz.

He tweeted: "People, I'm excited....just finishing a ballad that I think is going to make you think my eighties self has been re-born !

"Which I suppose it has in a way :) Even my tracheostomy scar is healing nicely in the sun, was looking a bit Bride of Chucky for a while.

"Spoke to doctors before I came away and they told me my recovery is way quicker than can usually be expected so I'm happy as Larry. (sic) "

However, George, 48, is being careful not to overexert himself on holiday and passes the time when he is not writing songs by watching Fadi, 38, exercise.

He wrote on twitter: "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.Or i just found somewhere comfy to lay down while Fadi worked out

Somebody just walked up to us and we are officially the hottest gay couple on the planet... It's true, the air conditioning here is s**t... (sic)"