George Michael is creating a "gay-friendly" dance album in an attempt to "make up for" shaming the gay community over the years.
The openly gay Faith hitmaker has endured a series of personal troubles, most recently including a stint behind bars last year (10) for driving his car into the front of a London photo store while under the influence of drugs.
And he accepts his bad behaviour has caused gay fans all kinds of trouble.
Now he's hoping to make amends by releasing an album featuring gay or gay-friendly artists.
He tells WENN, "As a gay man, every time I make a mistake I feel I let every young gay man down as they experienced the homophobia aimed at me... (It) will make up for the bad I've caused."
And Michael insists a record dedicated to dance music is a perfect direction for him: "It's (dance music's) been a statement of the gay world since it was invented really. I love that that has been brought into the mainstream so much by Lady Gaga and Rihanna... and it makes for some really exciting pop records.
"I'm looking to work with either gay or gay-friendly artists; they definitely have to be gay-friendly. I have a few provisional titles, but basically it will be a collective on which some of the records will be sung by myself and some by other artists, young gay artists. But there's some amazing material I've already got my hands on and a collaboration with a lot of dance producers. I think it will be stunning."
And Michael hopes his move into dance music will give his career a big boost as he approaches his 50s: "By the time the album comes out I'll be 48 (and) to a degree pop music traditionally starts to exclude you at a certain age, which is natural... But, in reality, gay men's relations with dance music don't end at the same time that straight people's do."