Late rocker George Harrison once dreamed up a high seas adventure for supergroup the Traveling Wilburys - but it was too much of a risk to get Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and the former Beatles star himself on a boat.
Harrison shared his sailing tour idea with Petty, explaining the End of the Line hitmakers would dock in coves and perform for anyone who could row out for the show.
Petty recalls, "He said, 'We should get a ship, just sail around. We could pull into a cove and play to guys in outrigger canoes. And we'll call it the Sponsor Ship. We'll paint a different corporate logo on it every day. That'll pay for the trip.' He was so funny."
But the Free Fallin' singer admits it might have been the only way Harrison would have agreed to tour.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "His biggest problem was the machinery of managers and booking agents.
"He said to me once, 'I can't face waking up in Philadelphia and having to go to the soundcheck.'"