George Harrison's widow Olivia has slammed British actor RODNEY BEWES for protesting about a security fence her late husband erected after he was attacked in his home.
Harrison, who passed away in 2001, had surrounded his property with the wire fencing as a precaution after an intruder broke in and stabbed him in 1999.
Olivia Harrison had applied for planning permission to replace the razor wire fence around her lavish Oxfordshire, England estate, but came up against complaints from neighbours, including Bewes, who branded the security measure "inappropriate". The Likely Lads star claimed his pet cat was injured by the wire.
Despite the opposition, Olivia was granted permission to re-build the eight foot fence to keep up security at the estate last year (09) - but now she's revealed that because of Bewes' protests, she has taken it down.
She tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "You may remember there was a terrifying incident at my home... There was an attempted murder. That was why the security was there. I felt very vulnerable.
"If this man had come and talked to me I would have explained that. Why didn't he make contact with me instead of talking to the newspapers? Now, thanks to him, everyone knows I have no protection, so where does that leave me?"