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Magical Beatles Footage Found

21st April 2005

Lost film footage of THE BEATLES shooting their 1967 movie MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR has been unearthed in a BBC archive store. The tape, which hasn't been seen for 40 years, features the Fab Four...

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Harrison Shrine Met With Opposition

21st February 2005

Fans of late BEATLES guitarist GEORGE HARRISON have had their hopes of transforming their icon's boyhood home into a shrine dashed by its current owner. Admirers of the SOMETHING singer wanted to pay tribute...

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Boyd Unaware Of Beatles

4th February 2005

GEORGE HARRISON's ex-wife PATTIE BOYD had no idea who THE BEATLES were when she first met him. The pair met and fell in love on the set of 1964 Beatles movie A HARD DAY'S...

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Mccartney Scraps Love Songs Album

3rd February 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has ditched plans to record an album of BEATLES love songs because he couldn't get the estates of JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON to agree with him on the project. McCartney...

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Harrison Widow 'Still In Relationship' With Late Rocker

24th January 2005

Rock legend GEORGE HARRISON's widow OLIVIA is continuing to "have a relationship" with the late BEATLE, three years after his death. The Fab Four's lead guitarist died on 29 November 2001 in Los Angeles,...

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Music Muse Boyd Tours Famous Friends' Photos

5th January 2005

The muse who inspired GEORGE HARRISON and ERIC CLAPTON to write their most sensitive songs is launching a tour of photographs of her famous friends. PATTI BOYD, who inspired rock classics like SOMETHING and...

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Toilet Roll Not Used By Beatles Up For Auction

3rd January 2005

BEATLES memorabilia has gone to back to basics with the auction of a roll of toilet paper the Fab Four refused to use, with a starting price of $76,000 (GBP40,000). The Beatles - JOHN...

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Mccartney Angry With Ono's Beatles Song Ban

28th December 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is fuming over YOKO ONO's refusal to allow him to include his ballad YESTERDAY on a new solo album. Ono, the widow of late Beatle JOHN LENNON, insists the classic 60s...

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Beatles' Guitar Fetches Six-figure Sum At Auction

19th December 2004

A guitar played by the late BEATLES stars JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON has fetched $529,200 (GBP294,000) at an auction in New York. Harrison used the Gibson SG instrument from 1966 to 1969...

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The Beatles' Lost Love Children

29th November 2004

A British TV documentary will shock BEATLES fans with claims the Fab Four fathered a string of children before they married. The CHANNEL FIVE network alleges the group's manager BRIAN EPSTEIN provided prostitutes for...

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Stalker Threatens George Michael

25th November 2004

Former WHAM! star GEORGE MICHAEL is fearing for his life after being bombarded with a succession of threatening emails from an obsessive stalker. The fan broke into the pop hunk's luxury London home and...

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Osbourne Feared Harrison-style Attack

23rd November 2004

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE has thanked God he wasn't harmed by the burglars who broke into his English mansion yesterday morning (22NOV04) unlike late BEATLE, GEORGE HARRISON. The former BLACK SABBATH star bravely held one...

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Beatles More Popular Than Elvis At Auction

23rd November 2004

THE BEATLES have triumphed over rival rock 'n' roll legend ELVIS PRESLEY at an American auction - suits worn by the Fab Four sold but the King's lot failed to attract big enough bids....

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Beatles Guitar Going Under The Hammer

21st November 2004

A guitar played by late BEATLES JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON is expected to fetch at least $500,000 (GBP277,000) at auction next month (17DEC04). Harrison played the GIBSON SG during recording sessions for Fab...

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Presley Is Top Dead Earner

26th October 2004

Rock 'n' roll legend ELVIS PRESLEY is still topping rich lists 27 years after his death - he's been named the world's biggest earning dead celebrity. Boosted by the re-release of his 1954 hit...

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Wonder To Get Billboard Honour

22nd October 2004

Soul veteran STEVIE WONDER has been selected as this year's (04) recipient of BILLBOARD magazine's Century Award. The music publication's highest honour will be presented at the 8 December (04) ceremony, which will be...

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Beatles Show To Hit Las Vegas

14th October 2004

The surviving BEATLES have joined forces with world renowned theatre group CIRQUE DU SOLEIL to create a new Las Vegas show. SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and RINGO STARR will not appear in the $100 million...

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Beatles Memorabilia Recovered

6th October 2004

LATEST: Police have recovered a suitcase of BEATLES memorabilia which was stolen from GEORGE HARRISON's sister. Photographs of George and LOU HARRISON and songsheets had been taken from the suitcase, but they were not...

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Beatles Memorabilia Stolen

5th October 2004

The sister of BEATLES legend GEORGE HARRISON has been left devastated after thieves broke into her car and stole photographs and lyrics belonging to the late guitarist. LOU HARRISON was in the middle of...

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Damon's Dining Tip Thrills Pal Hanks

9th September 2004

MATT DAMON has become a restaurant guide to the stars after filming THE BOURNE SUPREMACY all over Europe. Pal TOM HANKS asked him to recommend an Italian restaurant in Berlin, Germany, so he could...

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Boyd: Clapton's Alcoholism Was Treated Like A Joke

3rd September 2004

ERIC CLAPTON's chronic alcoholism was treated as a joke by those around him, according to his then-wife PATTI BOYD. The LAYLA legend suffered from the disease during the late 1970s and terrified the former...

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Ringo Shows Off Beatles Postcard Collection In New Book

13th July 2004

BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR plans to release a limited edition quarter-leather bound book of postcards from JOHN LENNON, PAUL McCARTNEY and GEORGE HARRISON, dating back nearly 40 years. The collection will feature 53 cards,...

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Bon Jovi Rocks Kerry Fundraiser

9th July 2004

Rocker JON BON JOVI roused the crowd at a fundraising bash for Democratic US presidential hopeful JOHN KERRY in New York last night (08JUL04). Bon Jovi, an avid and vocal fan of President GEORGE...

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Clapton's Guitars Go On Tour Without Him

29th June 2004

ERIC CLAPTON's auctioned guitars are set to tour America without their former owner. The British guitar great's famous instruments, including his trademark BLACKIE which set an auction record when it sold for $959,500 (GBP533,055)...

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Mccartney Fails To Impress Harrison's Son

21st June 2004

While SIR PAUL McCARTNEY will be wowing audiences at this month's (JUN04) GLASTONBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL - his late BEATLES bandmate GEORGE HARRISON's son DHANI will be leaving the audience before he takes to the stage....

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Beatle Against Rutles

3rd June 2004

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY will have to share the limelight at this month's GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL with a BEATLES spoof band he hates. The former Fab Four frontman has been booked to headline the...

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Orbison And Harrison's Wives Team Up

30th May 2004

The widows of late rock legends ROY ORBISON and GEORGE HARRISON have teamed up to release a series of lost recordings their husbands made as part of 1980s supergroup THE TRAVELING WILBURYS. Orbison and...

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Harrison's Widow Slams Memorial Organisers

16th May 2004

BEATLES legend GEORGE HARRISON's widow has hit back at comments made by those organising her late husband's memorial as "offensive". OLIVIA HARRISON, 54, is furious she has been publicly told to hurry up in...

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Liam Gallagher Creating Supergroup

3rd May 2004

OASIS star LIAM GALLAGHER is creating a new supergroup with former STONE ROSES guitarist JOHN SQUIRE and late BEATLES star GEORGE HARRISON's son DHANI. The enigmatic singer is also hoping to attract other musical...

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Clapton's Torment Over Harrison Death

13th April 2004

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON was stunned when his pal GEORGE HARRISON died of cancer in 2001, because he wasn't aware the former BEATLE was in such bad health. The LAYLA singer regrets their friendship suffered...

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