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Vanya On 42nd Street Review

Someone had an idea: take an 1860s play by classic Russian writer Anton Chekhov, and get director Louis Malle, screenwriter David Mamet, and actors Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, together to make a feature film of it.

The only thing more puzzling than this scenario is the fact that this movie, Vanya on 42nd Street, is a fabulous film. "Uncle Vanya" is the play in question, a tragicomic tale of family members plagued by broken hearts, lost youth, and missed opportunities. The film's premise is that "Uncle Vanya" is being performed by a small theatrical group, and the film simply captures the last rehearsal of the play before the costumes arrive.

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Micki & Maude Review

Have you ever been to a party and flirted and chatted with a perfectly lovely guy or girl only not to get a phone number? That's happened to me a time or two and I've spent days analyzing what went wrong. It wasn't that I didn't have the power to do something, but other forces were at hand in my inactivity.

I'm currently in the same mental hell over Micki & Maude, Blake Edwards' 1984 alleged comedy. The remote control was right beside me, the stop button sending out its siren call, begging me to push it. And I did nothing. For two hours I watched an awful movie with as much laughs as a funeral home Christmas party. And I did nothing.

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Police Academy Review

You know how people talk about a movie being so bad it's good? Police Academy is that movie.

No, it is that movie. It embodies the badness-goodness paradox so fully that it spawned six sequels and two TV series (one animated)... so far.

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Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead At Age 41 In Suspected Suicide

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead At Age 41 In Suspected Suicide

The singer was discovered dead on Thursday morning.

Dick Van Dyke Apologises For

Dick Van Dyke Apologises For "Atrocious" Cockney Accent In 'Mary Poppins'

It’s only taken 53 years, but veteran Mary Poppins star Dick Van Dyke has at last offered an apology for what he called “the most atrocious...

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