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Vanya On 42nd Street Review

Someone had an idea: take an 1860s play by classic Russian writer Anton Chekhov, and get director Louis Malle, screenwriter David Mamet, and actors Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, together to make a feature film of it.

The only thing more puzzling than this scenario is the fact that this movie, Vanya on 42nd Street, is a fabulous film. "Uncle Vanya" is the play in question, a tragicomic tale of family members plagued by broken hearts, lost youth, and missed opportunities. The film's premise is that "Uncle Vanya" is being performed by a small theatrical group, and the film simply captures the last rehearsal of the play before the costumes arrive.

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Micki & Maude Review

Have you ever been to a party and flirted and chatted with a perfectly lovely guy or girl only not to get a phone number? That's happened to me a time or two and I've spent days analyzing what went wrong. It wasn't that I didn't have the power to do something, but other forces were at hand in my inactivity.

I'm currently in the same mental hell over Micki & Maude, Blake Edwards' 1984 alleged comedy. The remote control was right beside me, the stop button sending out its siren call, begging me to push it. And I did nothing. For two hours I watched an awful movie with as much laughs as a funeral home Christmas party. And I did nothing.

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Police Academy Review

You know how people talk about a movie being so bad it's good? Police Academy is that movie.

No, it is that movie. It embodies the badness-goodness paradox so fully that it spawned six sequels and two TV series (one animated)... so far.

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