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What's The Matter With Helen? Review

What's the matter with Helen? She's a raving lunatic, and given that she's played by Shelley Winters in 1971, she's obese, to boot. It doesn't help that Helen and her pal Adelle (Debbie Reynolds) are both mothers of sons who are convicted murderers. When they move to Hollywood to start over, Adelle moves beyond it (grandstanding in some 15 minutes of song-and-dance numbers with the children she's teaching) but Helen turns into an evangelical nut. High camp without much comedy value.

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Frogs Review

Frogs gets points for its most straightforward of titles, but what the heck -- there are killer lizards, spiders, and snakes here too, in addition to the giant frogs marauding a small island house and its residents.

"What if nature were trying to get back at us?" the film asks, before the Birds-reminscent attack begins? (The frogs are enhanced due to pesticide over-use.) Look no further than Ray Milland's typical reaction: "I don't think there's much to worry about..." His family's so self-obsessed they barely notice when members start dying off.

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The Attic Review

Really kooky movie, with Carrie Snodgress starring as an aging, left-at-the-altar librarian who still lives with her invalid father (Ray Milland, milking it at career's end). Snodgress not only lives a half-fantasy life wherein she's constantly murdering dad, she has a monkey, too, often dressed up as a sailor. Poor Carrie's life goes from bad to worse to totally bizarre, as random encounters take her to one-night stands and vulgar tea-time visits -- and yet all remaining inside a PG rating. Perfectly strange and worth a look... if you've already seen all of David Lynch's movies.
George Edwards

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