We've heard about Disney's Tomorrowland for years now. Brad Bird's mystery adventure had George Clooney attached from the outset and the story of a former boy genius jaded by dilussionment who teams up with an optmisitic teen to unearth the secrets of a hidden land certainly sounds like classic Disney fare. But how has it fared with the critics?

TomorrowlandGeorge Clooney stars in Tomorrowland, which has received mixed reviews from critics

The people behind Tomorrowland have a strong pedigree - the screenplay is a joint effort between Lost writer Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird. 

"A spectacular ride for most of it, and while you're a little let down at the end, you kind of want to jump back on and do it all over again," said Brian Truitt of USA Today.

"Tomorrowland is a crazy, disjointed mess. But it's the good sort of crazy, and it's the sort of mess you want to lose yourself in," said Rene Rodriguez of Miami Herald.

TomorrowlandGeorge Clooney at the Tomorrowland premiere

"Once upon a time there were these things called movies and they told stories. Then Hollywood made so much money from branding, licensing and merchandising that they stopped telling stories and just started chucking stuff at the screen," wrote Kevin Maher of The Times.

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"For all of its vaulting ambition, its sumptuous eye-feasts and its leapings back and forth in space and time, "Tomorrowland" never comes together as coherent drama in the here and now," said Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal.

"It's surprisingly hollow entertainment -- a film with noble intentions and grand aspirations that drags us along for a two-hour adventure that we never really care about," wrote Kirk Baird of Toledo Blade.

Tommorowland is out on Friday (May 22, 2015).

Watch the trailer for Tomorrowland: