George Clooney's satellite 'eye' on the troubles in Africa is beginning to reap dividends - the high-tech system has located mass graves in Sudan.
The movie star and humanitarian is the public persona behind the Satellite Sentinel initiative, set up to monitor the actions of warlords in Sudan - and 2012 has started with some big developments, thanks in part to the system he helped to set up.
The Descendants star explains, "We had great luck in the last month or so catching mass graves with our satellite in the Sudan and in the nearby mountains.
"We've been able to be part of the evidence, in fact the major part of the evidence of another person charged with crimes against humanity by the international criminal court.
"I'm very passionate about the idea of holding people responsible for atrocities... That's a part of my life and something that I deal with every day and focus on every day. I'm very proud to be a part of it, although I feel like it's a long, long struggle."
Clooney has become an advocate for international action in Sudan and has visited the war-torn nation with his newsman father Nick to document the hardships facing refugees attempting to flee from packs of murdering soldiers.