George Clooney's new movie The Descendants is winning over critics and audiences alike during this year's (2011) Toronto Film Festival.

Directed by ACADEMY-award winning film maker Alexander Payne the movie sees Clooney playing a father who is forced to rethink his life after his wife suffers a serious accident. Speaking on the red carpet during the premiere on Saturday night (10.11.2011) the 50-year-old actor discussed his latest role with Reuters saying "He did seem like a very good family man, it seemed perfect for me." Asked if he thought his performance was OSCAR worthy the actor added "I have won an award once so when I die, they say OSCAR winner. It's a great, nice sort of thing to have on the tombstone, but after that, to me, I really like it when people appreciate the work." The Ocean's Eleven star is enjoying a successful festival after also releasing political thriller The Ides of March which is Clooney's fourth feature film as a director.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky the actor appeared in a series of small roles before gaining notable attention as Dr. Doug Ross on hospital drama Er from 1994 to 1999. After leaving he show Clooney gained stardom appearing in a series of blockbuster movies including The Perfect Storm and the Ocean's Trilogy. He is currently filming science fiction thriller Gravity, which is the story of an astronaut who tries to return to Earth to be reunited with his daughter.