George Clooney is single once again, with is latest girlfriend Stacy Keibler deciding to end things with the Hollywood heartthrob as he continues to seek out life as a bachelor and not be tied down to the family life. Source close to the couple had said the pair were on the rocks for a while and their eventual split hasn't come as a surprise to everyone, as George fails to be tamed once again.

George Clooney
George and Stacy were together two years

After two years together, there were a number of different factors weighing down on their relationship, other than George's clear penchant for the single life. One of the main reason was down to Stacy's broodiness, and as we've seen time and time again George isn't ready for kids. And if he isn't ready now (he's almost fifty after all) then chances are he's never going to be ready.

There was also the classic Hollywood reason too; distance. An insider speaking to shortly after the break-up US Magazine said, "they haven't been in the same country for a long time. They are both working and haven't seen each other. You can'd have a relationship with someone that you don't see."

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Neither will really struggle to find another piece of arm candy

Essentially, his desire for the freedom of bachelorhood is the main reason he can't be tied down and if someone as beautiful as Stacy Keibler fails to capture his heart, then who can? All we can say is, George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston; a matching that was always meant to happen? Never say never.

George Clooney
Someone thinks they're Jack Nicholson