George Clooney booked his stag party ten minutes before it started.

The 'Monuments Men' star - who tied the knot with Amal Clooney in September last year - dined with friends at the Ristorante Da Ivo in Venice, Italy the night before they wed.

The restaurant's manager, Giovanni Fracassi, was called by George's assistant just ten minutes before they were set to arrive, asking for a table for ''someone important''.

The manager admitted that he was shocked to see the Hollywood star come in, saying: ''I was very surprised when I saw who it was. Venice has many nicer restaurants than mine.

''After the preparations I went to welcome them, and once out from the boat, he just said, 'Ciao, Giovanni.' You could see he was happy. He was wearing an Armani suit; he was so elegant.''

The restaurant helped George to enjoy a private dinner by blocking the windows with makeshift screens.

He added: ''At the beginning nobody knew he was here, so we managed to get him in and cover the windows with tablecloths.''

Despite his initial shock when the 53-year-old actor arrived, Giovanni revealed that George had visited the restaurant previously with ''other girls'' including his now-wife, Amal.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''George came to the restaurant with other girls before bringing Amal here on May 27.

''Amal has a very strong personality, in my opinion. She is charming and very elegant. They looked very much in love...

''You can tell when a couple are truly interested in each other. If it was just staged you would be able to sense a cold atmosphere, but it wasn't like that between them.

''Amal ate a lot and they drank prosecco. They were stealing from each other's plates.''