After George Clooney's engagement news broke, everybody wanted to know who the lucky girl was?

Well, the Hollywood actor's future wife is an unknown British lawyer named Amal Alamuddin.

Clooney, who is one of the most famous Lotharios, was allegedly drawn to the 36 year-old attorney after she played hard to get.

According to the Daily Mail, a source close to the couple revealed Amal had turned down the 'Ocean's Eleven' actor twice before agreeing to go on a date with him.

"Clooney asked her out for dinner and she put him off twice, saying she was too busy, before accepting the third time," the insider explained. "She was operating on the lines of 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen,' and clearly it worked. Clooney was beguiled by her and she had the upper hand."

So the fact that George is one of the most famous faces in the movie industry didn't seem to intimate Ms. Aamuddin, and apparently this is a quality that the star loves about her.

"What he likes about her is that she treats him normally," the source revealed. "He is so used to being fawned over that it's refreshing for him. And of course, she is a brilliant human rights lawyer-but quite an operator too, you might say. She has met a whole bunch of A-listers through him and is seemingly quite cool about it, though you suspect she's loving it."

Clooney has been married once before in 1989 to actress Talia Balsam, but this ended in divorce only four years later.

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Since then, the Hollywood lothario has been involved with several beautiful women, including model Lisa Snowdon, Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis and former professional wrestler and model Stacy Keibler.

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Amal must be one very special lady!

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