George Clooney shows his true passion for filmmaking and acting when starring in the new war drama 'Monuments Men'.

The 52 year-old revealed, in a new interview with Variety, he went through an uphill battle to make the new flick, taking a severe pay cut even though he was the star, director and producer.

Clooney even tells the mag, although the film boasts an impressive cast including Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Cate Blanchett, plus many more, they even took a huge dip in pay before signing onto the project.

"If you pay everybody a full boatload, it's a $150 million film," he told Variety. "You just can't do it. Everybody worked for super cheap, like crazy cheap."

"You just can't do it," he added of Monuments Men's $70 million budget. "Everybody worked for super cheap, like crazy cheap."

The 'Ocean's Eleven' actor divulged that each actor was paid around a 10th or 15th of their usual salary, but he secured such big names after negotiating a deal where the cast will earn a share of the movie's profits.

But the project was just too unique and different for Clooney to not pursue, and in the end money was not a deciding factor.

"I had some understanding that Hitler was stealing s--t. I didn't understand he was taking all of it. They don't teach that in school. That's why I loved the story."

Adding, "We figured at this point, we've done so many WWII movies, there really aren't any new ones. You have to get around to someone as smart as Quentin [Tarantino], who can burn Hitler in a movie theater to do something different."

Hopefully the sacrifice will be worth it, and when 'Monuments Men' is released on February 7th, the WWII drama will be a huge box office hit.

Watch the 'Monuments Men' trailer here