George Clooney is being strongly tipped to be celebrating come the Golden Globe Awards as his latest film 'The Descendents' picks up plaudit after plaudit from critics and fans alike. There's few betting against the 50 year-old to add to his two previous Golden Globe victories - which he received in 2000 for Best Actor in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' and then for Best Supporting Actor in the film 'Syriana.' The film itself is up for five awards, including Best Director for Alexander Payne and Best Motion Picture, and Clooney spoke to Yahoo! to tell them he was in no doubt as to the reason of its success.
"I thought it was the best screenplay I'd read in a long, long time," the actor explained, "When you look for trailers for this film, it's very hard to explain it, because it's a film that so slowly unfolds. So beautifully unfolds. It's hard to describe the screenplay. You start reading it and you're involved from the minute you start. By the end, you're really taken by it."
For his part, director Payne was full of praise for Clooney's performance in the film - which comes out in the UK on January 26th 2012, "George is right for the part and he's a terrific actor. He is a real pro and I couldn't be more positive about him," enthused Payne, "He has spent most of his adult life on a film or TV set and he just loves it; that's where he feels very comfortable and it shows. He is so at home."