George Clooney was ''so close'' to his pet pig he didn't want to have children, according to Elizabeth Daily.

The star's ex-girlfriend believes his change of heart with regards to love and marriage - having recently got engaged to Amal Alamuddin - has come after he finally got over the death of his swine Max.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, she said: ''He didn't need children, Max was his baby. He loved that pig like nothing else. It was the size of a table, absolutely huge.

''I would just be hanging out round George's with giant pig chilling out beside us. It had its own special pen and at night it would sleep on the floor right besides George's bed. It got in that bed at times.

''They were so close it was like father and son. When Max died in 2006 he was really torn up. Maybe now there's no Max he'll start to feel the pangs of parenthood. That would be great for him.''

The 'Monuments Men' star was also hurt by his divorce from Talia Balsam, with Elizabeth admitting she was delighted he was getting over his refusal to marry again.

She added: ''He didn't want a child to get as hurt as the husband and wife had been by a divorce. George was devastated by his divorce ... He didn't cry about it to me or get upset, it was a very measured but firm decision - no to another marriage for him.

''I'm so shocked by also very happy and excited that he's ow found a woman worth going back on his word for - something George Clooney doesn't do much of.

''It really shows just how terribly in love he must be. It's great.''