The Daily Mail hasn't been enjoying the greatest week and whatever relationship the British tabloid had with Hollywood darlings George Clooney and Angelina Jolie is now in tatters. On the up side for the paper, readership will no doubt have increased owing to the scandalous articles the editors saw fit to publish. 

George Clooney
George Clooney has addressed the Mail's story and apology via a US news website.

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Scandal No. 1 began when the Mail published an article (on Monday 7th July) alleging the mother of Clooney's fiancé, Amal Alamuddin, was against their marriage on religious grounds. The article implied Baria Alamuddin was typical of members of the Druze religion in not accepting marriages with outsiders. In the Mail's typically insensitive manner, the article further claimed some Druze marrying outside their religion had even been killed or mutilated as a result. 

Understandably, 53-year-old Clooney was appalled. He addressed the issue in an essay published on USA Today. He stated, in addition to the story being entirely unfounded, that the Mail was guilty of a far greater crime, of being inflammatory and exploitative of religious differences. Clooney wrote "the irresponsibility, in this day and age, to exploit religious differences where none exist, is at the very least negligent and more appropriately dangerous."

The Mail issued a statement on their website apologising for the article and promising its removal, whilst still claiming the story had been "supplied in good faith by a reputable and trusted freelance journalist." The Mail further stated "Mr. Clooney's assurance that the story is inaccurate and we apologize to him, Miss Amal Alamuddin and her mother, Baria, for any distress caused." 

Amal Alamuddin
The article allegedly the mother of Clooney's bride-to-be Amal Alamuddin was opposed to their wedding on religious grounds.

The Mail, of course, entirely missed the point. Clooney refused to accept the apology and claimed the Mail had not shown any true contrition but simply attempted to cover up their blunder. In a second response, also published on USA Today, Clooney wrote "The Daily Mail has printed an apology for insinuating religious tensions where there are none. In the apology, managing editor Charles Garside claims that the article was 'not a fabrication,' but "based the story on conversations with senior members of the Lebanese community." He added "The problem is that none of that is true."

Whilst the second scandal of the week revolves around a video the Mail published which shows Angelina Jolie, during the 1990s, in a supposed drug addled state. The footage was reportedly taken by Jolie's drug dealer, a Franklin Meyer, who claims he shot the video whilst supplying drugs to the Maleficent actress at her New York apartment. 

Jolie has previously discussed her drug use in numerous interviews but The Times reports she considers the publication of the video as an invasion of privacy and is seeking legal action against the tabloid. The 16 minute video also includes a private family conversation in which Jolie is apparently talking to her father Jon Voight about her brother, James Haven, and late mother, Marcheline Bertrand. 

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is reportedly seeking legal action against the Mail.