Screen hunk George Clooney is set to remain the eternal bachelor - as he insists he is too "selfish" to settle down.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE star, 44, may still be involved in his on-off relationship with British television presenter LISA SNOWDON, but he insists the partnership has only survived because of the 30-year-old brunette's independent lifestyle.

He says, "Lisa and I get along well together and she's comfortable with my tendency to be a workaholic.

"She has her own life and her own career and she's very independent that way. She makes things very easy for me.

"I'm very respectful of women but that doesn't mean I'm predisposed to feeling comfortable in a relationship over a number of years.

"I haven't had a good track record. I'm selfish when it comes to my time and my work, and the fact that I do enjoy myself and I do feel good about the life I'm leading makes me think that maybe this is the way it's going to be for me."

22/05/2005 10:47