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George Lucas Admits Star Trek Paved The Way For Star Wars: Agree?

By Michael West | 11th July 2013

George Lucas has chucked a massive bucket of cold water on the entire Star Trek/Star Wars rivalry by suggesting Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi television show paved the way for his legendary space franchise. A new documentary...

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Lucas Says He's Indebted To Star Trek Creator Roddenberry

10th July 2013

George Lucas has acknowledged his debt to Gene Roddenberry and the creators of the original Star Trek TV series in making his original Star Wars possible. In a documentary titled Trek Nation, produced by Roddenberry's...

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Gene Roddenberry's Ashes To Orbit The Sun In 2014

21st June 2013

Legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is to be granted his final wish in 2014 when his ashes will be launched into space and put into orbit around the sun.The sci-fi Tv guru passed away...

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Latest Star Trek Due To Star At Box Office

17th May 2013

After having lived long -- a half century since it was conceived -- Star Trek is due to prosper like never before at the box office this weekend. J.J. Abrams's latest account of the voyage...

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Star Trek Into Theaters Tonight

16th May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness opens on 3,760 screens tonight (Thursday) after a Wednesday preview on 336 IMAX screens only, where it grossed an estimated $2 million. (The IMAX version features about a half hour of...

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Jj Abrams Hopes Star Wars Passion Helps

22nd April 2013

JJ Abrams hopes his ''passion'' for 'Star Wars' will aid his directing.The man behind 'Star Trek' and the upcoming 'Star Trek Into Darkness' will also take charge of the first of a new trilogy in...

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Roddenberry's Star Trek Office For Sale

3rd June 2010

The contents of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY's home are to be auctioned off for charity.Property from the TV mogul's estate and memorabilia collected by Star Trek star William Shatner will go under the hammer...

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Roddenberry's Star Trek Collection For Sale

26th April 2010

A collection of STAR TREK memorabilia once owned by the show's late creator GENE RODDENBERRY is set to be auctioned off this summer (Jun10).The sale, which will be run by Julien's Auctions, includes hand-annotated scripts,...

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Roddenberry's Forgotten Show To Be Revived

22nd January 2010

The son of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY has teamed up with movie director RON HOWARD to bring one of his late father's forgotten TV projects back to the small screen.Rod Roddenberry has struck a...

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Hall Of Fame Honour For Star Trek's Roddenberry

11th November 2009

Late STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY is to be inducted into the U.S. Television Academy's Hall of Fame to mark his work on the sci-fi franchise.The producer, who died in 1991, was responsible for seven...

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Roddenberry's First Apple Macintosh Computer Up For Sale

17th September 2009

The first Apple MACintosh Plus computer, which was given to STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY, is to be auctioned off.California auction house Profiles in History will place the item under the hammer during a Hollywood...

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Roddenberry's Wife Leaves Trust For Dogs

22nd April 2009

The widow of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY reportedly left a substantial portion of the sci-fi mogul's fortune to the couple's pets after she passed away last year (09). Roddenberry died in 1991 and his widow,...

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Roddenberry And Widow's Ashes Heading For Space, The Final Frontier

26th January 2009

The ashes of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY and his late widow MAJEL are to be blasted into space. Majel lost her battle with cancer in December (08), at the age of 78; 17 years...

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Goldberg Praises Star Trek Creator Roddenberry

15th January 2009

Oscar-winner WHOOPI GOLDBERG has paid tribute to late STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY - praising the TV legend for representing black people in his iconic sci-fi show. Roddenberry, who died in 1991, hired African-American actress...

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Majel Barrett-roddenberry Dies Aged 76

19th December 2008

MAJEL BARRETT-RODDENBERRY, the actress widow of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY, has died at the age of 76. Barrett-Roddenberry lost her battle with leukaemia at her Bel-Air, California home on Thursday (18Dec08) afternoon, her representative...

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Doohan To Be Beamed Up Later This Month

2nd April 2007

Late STAR TREK star JAMES DOOHAN's remains will be blasted into space later this month (APR07), the firm arranging the flight has confirmed. Doohan played SCOTTY in the legendary TV show and its spin-off movies,...

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Star Trek Originals Reborn In Comic Book Series

8th August 2006

The characters from the original STAR TREK TV series are to be reborn in a new 40th anniversary comic book project. Animation experts at Tokyopop in Japan have revamped beloved characters like CAPTAIN KIRK, BONES,...

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Nimoy Offered Spock Ear Surgery

12th May 2005

STAR TREK icon LEONARD NIMOY was offered plastic surgery to make his ears permanently pointed for his character of MR SPOCK. The 74-year-old actor became bored with having to use fake ears for the...

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