Former BAYWATCH star Gena Lee Nolin has stepped up her lawsuit to keep a sex video from hitting the internet as websites threaten to show all.

The raunchy video, which features Nolin making love with her ex-husband GREG FAHLMAN and playing with sex toys, is set to hit porn sites in the next few weeks.

And Nolin is out to stop the film from ever seeing the light of day.

The actress' legal spokesman says, "She's extremely aggravated and upset. We're sending out demand letters immediately to websites that either have Gena Lee Nolin's name or are advertising the sex video.

"The tape, based on my understanding, got out accidentally and there was a breach of trust."

Meanwhile, Nolin is recovering after coming face-to-face with her stalker - in the living room of her Arizona home.

JOHN TALBOT appeared in the blonde's home and demanded a hug from the object of his obsession, while her hunky boyfriend, hockey player CALE HULSE, was out playing golf.

The actress stayed calm and promised to telephone Talbot if he agreed to leave her home. The minute the stalker left, Nolin shut and locked her door behind him and called the police.

Arizona police spokesman DET SAM BAILEY says, "Talbot was charged with stalking, aggravated assault and burglary. He admitted going to her house and touching her."

29/04/2004 09:00