Review of Hollow of Morning Album by Gemma Hayes

Album Review for Gemma Hayes' Hollow of Morning

Gemma Hayes Hollow of Morning Album

Gemma Hayes parted ways with her last label, now she's going it alone and releasing her new album 'Hollow Of Moring' on her own label. Her debut record Night On My Side is one of my classics - full of superb combination of luscious electric rock and quieter acoustic songs topped off with her lovely Irish accent. The album garnered a lot of attention only for its follow-up 'The Roads Don't Love You' not to match its success. Even though the 2ndalbum aimed to be more radio friendly it didn't have the quality of tracks the debut featured.

Now going alone, one might have thought this album would have the sound of real liberation, but it does fall slightly short. The songs have built on the second album but still don't match the first. The album's very dreamy, it feels to be more of a mood than a collection of songs. That said, Out Of Our Hands, January 14th and At Constant Speed could all make a welcome ipod addition. This may not be as great at Night On My Side, but there aren't many albums of the genre that are.


Mike Rea

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