Vampire films are hard to escape these days; they’re everywhere. So a level of sceptism surrounds any new entry to the genre. Byzantium is no exeption, but the early impressions are that this slick film stands above the crowd.

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The recently released poster reveals some particular impressive review quotes, and some unwise ones too. “The best vampire film since Let The Right one In” – impressive. “Twilight for grownups… A must see” – not so wise. Regardless, the early buzz for this film has been really positive. Director Neil Jordan has already visited the world of the undead with his adaptation of Interview With the Vampire, and now he's taking another trip with Byzantium. And, as all the early hype suggests, this isn’t just a vampire film for adults.

Gemma ArtetonGemma Arteton stars in Byzantium

One review, listed on Slashfilm, describes the film like this: “Seventeen years after Neil Jordan first dipped into the vampire genre with Interview With the Vampire, his Byzantium proves that he has lost none of his taste for the bloody and Gothic. Drenched in a rich, suitably gloomy atmosphere, Jordan brings a crystalline vision to bear on this story of two female vampires who wreak havoc on an unsuspecting English seaside community, as the film fluctuates between gory mayhem and melancholic reflection.”

'Byzantium' is a brand new vampire flick, changing tack from the usual direction of the genre. written by Moira Buffini ('Jane Eyre', 'Tamara Drewe'). It will hit UK cinemas on May 31st 2013.