British rocker Gavin Rossdale is mourning the death of his beloved dog WINSTON.

The Hungarian sheepdog, who died late last year (04), was one of the biggest reasons Rossdale opted to stay in London rather than move to Los Angeles after marrying California native Gwen Stefani.

He says, "I'm living in LA most of the time. We have a beautiful house in London, and I used to spend a lot of time there because my Hungarian sheepdog was there. But I lost him in October, so I'm a bit more rootless now.

"He was 16 years and seven months old and had been such a defining force in my life amid the craziest times I've ever had, being successful and travelling.

"That was tempered by the fact that he was at home, going, 'Hey, what's up? When are you coming back?'"

Winston even accompanied Rossdale down the aisle, when he married Stefani in London in 2002.

18/01/2005 03:29