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Labor Day Review


With one of Kate Winslet's most layered, resonant performances, this film is definitely worth a look, even though the indulgent filmmaking style pushes it perilously close to Nicholas Sparks-style sappiness. Clearly, writer-director Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) is shifting gears as a filmmaker, but the movie is in dire need of just a hint of his usual jagged wit.

It's set in 1980s New Hampshire, as the agoraphobic Adele (Kate Winslet) is struggling to raise her sensitive teen son Henry (Gattlin Griffith) on her own after her husband (Clark Gregg) left. Then one night escaped convict Frank (Josh Brolin) arrives at their house in need of a place to hide. The next day, Frank offers to help with some repairs on the house. He also notices that Henry needs to learn how to throw a baseball. And that Adele needs some affection. So over the long Labor Day Weekend, he becomes the badly needed man of the house. Then when a neighbour (J.K. Simmons) and a cop (James Van Der Beek) start snooping, they make a plan to run for the Canadian border.

Instead of a dark, menacing edge, Reitman washes the film in sun-dappled earnestness, ramping up the soapy emotions rather than the grittier issues these people so badly need to deal with. This reaches a low point when Frank teaches Adele how to bake a peach pie in a scene reminiscent of the lusty pot-spinning sequence in Ghost: laughably ridiculous. Fortunately, Winslet and Brolin generate some uneasy chemistry, and Griffith is a fine young actor in a very difficult role. Together, they pull the film back from the sudsy brink just in time for a genuinely tense final sequence.

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Josh Brolin Had Gattlin Griffith Trembling With Nerves On Labor Day Shoot

Gattlin Griffith Josh Brolin

Former child actor Gattlin Griffith was literally shaking in his boots as he played a hostage victim opposite Josh Brolin's escaped convict character in new movie Labor Day, because he was so nervous about working with the Oscar nominee.

Director Jason Reitman decided against introducing the two actors to one another before the shoot, so when it was time to film their first scene together, the 15-year-old Changeling star was a trembling wreck.

Co-star Kate Winslet, who portrays Griffith's divorced mother, admits the teen's natural nerves gave the scenes a feeling of authenticity, and she even encouraged the youngster to not to relax so that his fears would play out onscreen, as Reitman intended.

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Labor Day Trailer

When Adele Wheeler lost her husband, her life started slowly deteriorating. Suffering from depression and having developed a slight tremor, she is rarely able to leave the house except for emergencies. When she finally has to face the streets to go last minute shopping with her 13-year-old Henry, they meet a scary-looking injured man named Frank who requests a lift to their house. Too frightened to argue, they accept and later discover that he is an escaped prisoner wanted for murder. However, the mother and son can't help feeling less and less frightened as the hours pass by when he shows them remarkable kindness, despite insisting on tying them up for his and their own safety. It's not long before Adele falls in love again and she, Frank and Henry embark on a dangerous adventure together to finally escape a world that has become so cruel to them - but will the threesome get away before the cops get suspicious?

This romantic drama is set in 1982 and is based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Maynard and has been written and directed by Jason Reitman ('Thank You for Smoking', 'Juno', 'Up in the Air'). 'Labor Day' made its premiere at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival and is set to be released in the UK on February 7th 2014.

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Jason Reitman 're-learned' Filmmaking

Jason Reitman Kate Winslet Josh Brolin Gattlin Griffith

Jason Reitman ''re-learned'' how to make films for 'Labor Day'.

The Oscar-nominated director has had massive success with acclaimed films such as 'Juno', 'Up in the Air' and 'Young Adult', but his latest feature required a more serious tone, so he had to teach himself how to create a dramatic cinematic experience.

He said: ''I had to re-learn how to make a movie for 'Labor Day'; it has a completely different cinematic language. It doesn't use all the usual ideas I rely on like tons of dialogue, humour, music and editing. This is a movie that had to sit more still; it's a romance, it's a drama, it's a thriller ... I had to learn how to scare people. I honestly felt like I was making my first film all over again.''

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Kate Winslet On Labor Day: No Rehearsals, No Problem

Kate Winslet Josh Brolin Jason Reitman Gattlin Griffith

Kate Winslet felt confident without rehearsing for 'Labor Day'.

The Oscar-winning actress stars alongside Josh Brolin in acclaimed director Jason Reitman's new drama and she believes the filmmaker's decision to not rehearse scenes before filming - as he does on all of his films - really helped her relate to the story and her character.

She said: ''One thing Jason chooses to do is not rehearse. I think Jason was quite worried that I might be like, 'We have to have rehearsals!' But I don't care about rehearsals. I very much felt that Jason's choice to not rehearse lent itself particularly to 'Labor Day', because for us as actors, we genuinely didn't know what he was going to do next, what he would want of us as actors.

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Labor Day - Clip

Adele Wheeler is the single mother of 13-year-old Henry and suffers from depression, rarely leaving her house except for reasons she can't avoid. One of those reasons arises when she has to take Henry last minute school shopping over the Labor Day weekend at the end of the summer. Whilst out, they bump into Frank; a not so cuddly looking man who is bleeding profusely and asks for their help. Adele and Henry are hesitant to come to his aid, but eventually drive him to their home where the situation takes a strange turn when they become his hostages. It turns out that Frank is a convicted killer who has escaped jail and is desperate to get on the move in spite of his injuries. Initially terrified, Adele and Henry soon realise that they are not in any danger and help him win freedom once again.

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TIFF 2013 - Labour Day - Photo Call

Gattlin Griffith - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival - Labour Day - Photo call - Toronto, Canada - Saturday 7th September 2013

Gattlin Griffith
Gattlin Griffith, Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Jason Reitman
Gattlin Griffith, Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin
Gattlin Griffith

Green Lantern Trailer

For millions of years, the universe has been watched over by a group of noble custodians, sworn to keep peace in the universe, these mighty beings are called The Green Lantern Corps. Hailing from all sides of the universe, each chosen keeper wears a ring that harnesses true willpower and allows them to gain super powers.

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