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Gary Winick's Estate Selling Dakota Fanning Sketches At Auction

Dakota Fanning Gary Winick

Five sketches by former child star Dakota Fanning are among the items heading to the auction block from the estate of late director Gary Winick.

The filmmaker, best known for big screen romantic comedies and films like Letters To Juliet and 13 Going on 30, died last year (Feb11) at the age of 49 after a long battle with brain cancer.

The executors of his estate are putting a number of his belongings up for sale in New York next week (04Apr12) and the lots include a number of unique items from his film career.

The drawings by a then-11-year-old Fanning, sketched in preparation for her lead role as Fern Arable in Charlotte's Web, are expected to attract bids of around $300 (£187.50) to $400 (£250), while six volumes of original manuscript storyboards for the 2006 family movie are estimated to be worth between $800 (£500) and $1,200 (£750).

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Amanda Seyfried And Jennifer Garner Remember Director Winick

Amanda Seyfried Jennifer Garner Gary Winick

Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Garner have paid tribute to director Gary Winick, who passed away aged 49 on Sunday (27Feb11).

Winick, best known for big screen romantic comedies, died after a lengthy battle with brain cancer.

And Seyfried, who worked with him on his last film, Letters To Juliet, remembers her time with him fondly, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "Gary's heart was so big I think each of us who loved him have a piece of it now. It's unreal that he's gone and I'll miss my friend more than I can say."

Garner was the star of Winick's film 13 Going on 30, and has praised the moviemaker's friendly nature, adding to Entertainment Weekly: "Gary and I had the most successful collaboration possible. I don't mean success in terms of box office, or from anyone else's point of view other than my own. I left it better at what I do. He was one of the most inclusive people you could ever meet, and I was energised by our creative mess together everyday. From then on, there wasn't a single project that I didn't try to do with him.

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13 Going On 30 Director Gary Winick Dies

Gary Winick Amanda Seyfried Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences

'13 Going on 30' director Gary Winick has died after a battle with cancer.

The filmmaker - who also directed 'Letters to Juliet' with Amanda Seyfried - was diagnosed with brain cancer some time ago, before dying yesterday (27.02.11) at the age of 49 according to his manager Rosalie Swedlin.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "He was suffering from brain cancer for quite some time, and it ultimately metastasized throughout his body.

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Director Winick Loses Cancer Battle

Gary Winick

LETTERS TO JULIET and BRIDE WARS director Gary Winick has died after losing his battle with cancer. He was 49.

Winick was also the filmmaker behind 13 Going on 30, Charlotte's Web and acclaimed indie movie Tadpole.

A spokesman for the director reveals many friends and colleagues felt he had beaten his cancer, stating, "It was a battle that we thought he had won."

Winick died on Sunday (27Feb11).

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The Premiere Of 'Letters To Juliet' Held At Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Arrivals

Gary Winick - Tuesday 11th May 2010 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California

Gary Winick

Letters To Juliet Trailer

Sophie is an aspiring writer currently with a lack of inspiration, when she and her fiancé take a trip to one of the most romantic places in the world - Verona, Italy - she thinks it might just give her some direction but she never expected to embark on the journey she does. Sophie finds herself in Juliet's courtyard where she stumbles upon a letter from 1957, the letter is a heartfelt plea for advice. After contemplating what to do with the letter, she finally decides to respond.

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Starting Out In The Evening Review

Hollywood exaggerates the truth about many professions, but might be dead-on with its frequent depiction of novelists as tortured and frustrated human beings. After all, few careers share the morale-crushing nature of a novelist; even well-known writers can spend years on a book only to receive rejection and never see it published. Then there's deadline pressure. Leonard Schiller's deadline isn't from an agent or publisher, but rather pending death.

Starting Out in the Evening unveils the final chapter in the life of Schiller (Frank Langella), an aging novelist whose health deteriorates as he races to complete one last book. Since his existing novels are out of print, Leonard needs the next one be a success if he wants to be fondly remembered in the literary world. He's been working on the book for over a decade now, however, and has failed to capture interest from publishers. His shortcomings are not due to laziness, though. Leonard used to be a more prolific writer, but has never been the same since his wife died years prior, and neither has his work.

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Lonesome Jim Review

If you were to saddle Garden State with a far less likeable lead and set it in Indiana, you might end up with this small gem, the latest from actor-cum-director Steve Buscemi. The Lonesome Jim in question (Casey Affleck) returns home ostensibly to find himself, but really he's just there to mooch off his folks until he can plan his next move. The fact that he finds himself in spite of himself saves this film from being a mere installment of "Profiles in Schmuck-itude," even if it ups the cheese factor as a result.

The movie begins with Jim's surprise arrival at his parents' house. His brother, Tim (Kevin Corrigan), still lives there but is less than pleased to see him. His mother, Sally (Mary Kay Place), is overjoyed but clueless as to Jim's unhappiness, even as he breaks down within minutes of walking through the door. And his father, Don (Seymour Cassel), in response to Jim's claim that his breakdown is due to "dehydration," simply suggests a cup of water.

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Fanning's Directing Dreams

Dakota Fanning War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg Gary Winick

Dakota Fanning hopes to become a director when she grows up, after mastering a successful acting career as a pre-teen.
The 12-year-old War of the Worlds star admits she has closely studied the methods of her directors and hopes to hone a career behind the camera when she becomes an adult.
She says, "I would love to direct someday.
"I've learned a lot from watching directors I've worked with, like Steven Spielberg and Gary Winick, whom I worked with on CHARLOTTE'S WEB. I would love to have that relationship with another actor."

Land Of Plenty Review

Wim Wenders' sense of subtlety and grace started to decline somewhere in the '90s, and in post-9/11 he's clearly lost it altogether. Land of Plenty is his meditation on the Big Event (and I guess at this point we should assume that every film director will eventually make one... come on Spielberg, what's holding you back?). Kudos for having the stones to have the movie take place all the way across the country in L.A., but could the story be more overbearing?

John Diehl plays a Vietnam vet who spends his days in a van keeping tabs on suspicious personages, particularly those with turbans. He's constantly narrating the action into a tape recorder, and he even has a flunky willing to help him "analyze these chemicals by oh-nine-hundred." This is contrasted with his long-lost niece (Michelle Williams), a mopey girl who's all too happy to spend all day working in a soup kitchen. The digital video looks suitably present and "real," but Wenders' wandering sentiments fail to add anything new to what has become a mountain of conversation on the New Paranoia and What the Hell Are We Supposed To Do Now? It's not exactly lazy filmmaking, but it's hard to give it your complete attention.

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Chelsea Walls Review

New York living is all about location. And where you live is often a sign of your lifestyle. If you live in Brooklyn, it is assumed you are more artistically inclined then, say, someone living in Queens (though this borough is making a comeback with its cheap rent). But the most notorious creative residence in all of New York has been the Chelsea Hotel, as far back as anyone can remember. Boasting such notable alumni as Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and Bob Dylan, there is still a laidback, comfortably scrappy atmosphere about the place when you walk by.

Ethan Hawke (Training Day) courageously attempts to capture the essence of what makes this landmark so addictive in his directorial debut, Chelsea Walls. A collage of character plotlines that only barely intersect, Chelsea is a unique and respectable experiment in its focus on an inanimate object as its central character. Backed by a score that appropriately feels as if it were written while observing the production, Hawke creates an environment easily accessible to both New Yorkers and the non-initiated.

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Gary Winick

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Letters To Juliet Trailer

Letters To Juliet Trailer

Sophie is an aspiring writer currently with a lack of inspiration, when she and her...

Starting Out in the Evening Movie Review

Starting Out in the Evening Movie Review

Hollywood exaggerates the truth about many professions, but might be dead-on with its frequent depiction...

Tape Movie Review

Tape Movie Review

While the film world awaits what sounds like a daring experiment from director Richard Linklater...

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November Movie Review

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Chelsea Walls Movie Review

Chelsea Walls Movie Review

New York living is all about location. And where you live is often a...

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